It’s her Queendom!


Happy New Year Guys and Dolls!!  Really truly it’s been too long.  Hopefully now that our new year is underway I can once again begin to bring you the latest news in pop culture.  To open the new year I would like to give an awaited review of Beyonce’s new self entitled 5th cd: Beyonce.  Like all of Beyonce enthusiasts no one knew this project was going to be released.  I received an alert from Apple iTunes informing me of the new cd release.  I jumped at the opportunity to purchase and download the material.  Boy was I surprised.  The project not only came with new material from the ‘Queen’ herself but, the download came with video’s for each song!  I couldn’t figure what to do first–Watch or Listen!

I decided to watch all of the video’s….I remained in awe for almost 2 hours of straight action packed, sexy, fun-filled music, coupled with moving works of art.  I refuse to say this is Beyonce’s best project because all of her projects are the best.  What I can say about the music and the video’s with this project is that they are raw, uninhibited, sexual, sexy, and some have said “quite the answer to Madonna’s: Erotica cd.”  I absolutely concur.  Beyonce is done being looked at for her commercial appeal.  The project screams independence on every level: business woman, mogul, mom, sex kitten, wife, songwriter, and artist.  No holds barred.  Beyonce has arrived on this project but not as an artist but more as connoisseur.  She has perfected her craft.  Beyonce who is still performing on the Mrs. Carter Tour found time to write an astonishing 72 new songs!  It takes me time to write 1 new article, 72 songs?  There were stores such as Target and Best Buy that refused to sell the cd, why?  Because Mrs. Carter refused to play the marketing and promotional game that so many music retailers rely upon for dollars.  The cd was exclusive for digital iTunes and she crashed their system within hours of sales.  Royal!

I wish I had the time to sit and give an analysis of each song but in my opinion it’s not necessary.  Do I have a favorite track?  No!  Have you ever been to a fashion show to see a designer present his collection?  This is the way in which her cd “flows” it’s like Marc Jacobs showing his Fall collection–1 piece flows into the next.  One song fits perfectly on her cd with the next.  As a writer, this is the only analogy I can give.  Perfection.  And just like the end of a fashion show the audience stands to their feet and gives an ovation to the designer, this is how you feel after hearing the music.

Bey, I give you 5 stars for your 5th cd and with 72 songs written–we can look forward to music for years to come.  Bey makes me so proud to be a woman and extremely proud of her art/work ethic.  I can’t wait to hear and see what could be next…

Word on the street……

Here we go again, more Jersey drama!  There are now new reports that Caroline Manzo will be leaving the RHONJ.  Huh?  Yep, unlike most that are fired by Bravo, Caroline is bowing out gracefully.  There are reports that Bravo is willing to offer Caroline her own spin-off ( yaaaaawn).   There were other reports that the same young lady “Penny” was incensed that Albert became involved in the feud between Teresa, Joe Gorga, and Melissa—while in Arizona when he advised them to stand united and confront ‘that garbage’ namely Penny.  Penny has stated in interviews that she has ‘dirt’ on Albert Manzo cheating on Caroline.  This won’t be the first time Caroline Manzo has had to dodge rumors of her husband’s infidelity.  Penny went on a campaign and stated should the show return  for another season she was going to blow the whistle on Albert Manzo.  So, there seems a lot at play here.  On one hand, Bravo has always contended that it is Caroline that has the largest fan base–larger than Teresa’s.  It would seem to offer her a spin-off show of her own and risk the ratings of RHONJ doesn’t make sense.  Something is brewing.  There are at least 3 theories at play.

1) Caroline not wanting to risk embarrassment regarding Albert’s cheating

2) Teresa Giudice’s legal issues jeopardized the RHONJ show and it may cancel altogether

3) Caroline really would like to sever her ties with the show due to Teresa’s fraud scandal

The truth May or may not surface but in the words of Momma Manzo:  ‘Buckle Up!’


Why Movies? Real life is much more interesting: Must See Documentaries!

Occasionally, I scour and I mean scour Netflix or online for free documentaries.  I enjoy movies but nothing is more interesting to me than a great documentary.  I can sit for hours watching film after film.  I would like to take my top 3 for September and share them with you.  If you’ve seen them, you will know why they are being recommended; if you have not seen them–you must.  I enjoy watching documentaries that are either based on societal problems, wealth/greed, and women empowerment.   One of the best things about documentaries is there are any number of genre’s to choose from.  Try these instead of a movie–please, just one night.

Solar Mama’s: Why Poverty?

Rafea is a 30 year old mother of 4 small children, the 2nd wife of a man that barely comes around until Rafea is offered an educational opportunity.  Offered a chance to leave the Jordanian desert to attend Barefoot College in India to become trained in electrical engineering.  She is joined by women from other poor countries and offered a chance of a lifetime.  This is a must see!

ImageSOLAR MOMMA’s: Why Poverty?  Visit:


Lori “Lolo” Jones is an amazing Olympian hurdler and track runner.  Biracial and born into poverty in Des Moines, Iowa this young lady has a story that will make your hair stand straight on its ends.  The movie can be viewed via Netflix and tells Lolo’s story from her childhood to her rise to the Olympics.  I was so inspired when I finished watching–I could not sleep.  Do you know someone trying to overcome adversity?  This is the documentary for them and for you if want to be truly inspired.




The Beales of Grey Gardens

This award winning documentary has won several accolades and for good reason.  The Beale’s are relatives to the late Jackie Kennedy-Onassis.  It’s a documentary that follows a mother (Jacqueline O’s aunt) and her daughter (Jackie O’s first cousin).  Both mother and daughter share the same name–Edith.  The daughter was known as “Little Edie”.  The documentary was shot in the mid 70’s at their home called Grey Gardens which is located in the affluent East Hampton, NY.  There is a juxtaposition—although they are residents of the Hampton’s the 2 are living in complete squalor.  Their home was once condemned by East Hampton and they were facing eviction if they did not attempt to clean up the property.  Once the scandal goes public it is Jacqueline Onassis’ husband that sent cleaners to the residence to clean up the property.  This movie highlights familial dysfunction along with untreated mental illness on every level with the story of this mother and daughter.  I’m telling you—riveting!!  Part 1 of this documentary is on YouTube for free; Part 2 is not and could only be viewed as a HULU TV subscriber.


(Lil Edie in her hey day)


(Lil Edie with her mother Edith in East Hampton’s)

Word on the Street…..

Bravo’s at it again.  This time there are 2 targets: Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino.  The word is that neither one of these women are being asked to continue on RHOC.  Why?  Boring story lines is to blame for both.  Alexis—I agree.  Alexis was boring when she began.  Gretchen’s issue is that they believe she staged her engagement to Slade in order to create a new story line.  The viewers of course will never know the real truth but one thing is for sure Bravo has proven they have absolutely no problem creating and tearing down careers.  I sure hope Gretchen Chrsitine sold a lot of makeup or handbags.


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Addicted to Music?

Although not a common question–it exists.  Sure, we all know about drug and alcohol addiction but we don’t focus on musical addiction.  Seems so harmless.  But, did you know it is absolutely possible to become addicted to music.  When you dance, when you cry to a song, when you close your eyes and allow music to envelop you—you are releasing oxytocin and dopamine.  2 hormones associated with elation and feeling good.  It took me a very long time to understand that I in fact have an addiction to music.  I don’t need to ‘blast’ my favorite tunes either, I just need to hear what I consider “touching” and I get lost in the melody and lyrics.  One artist that comes to mind is Chaka Khan.  It’s not just the music she sings to but it’s her “hooks” and her voice is unique–some say a scream; but she is not screaming, she is an artist that has great vocal control.  Once Chaka begins to sing…..I get lost!  I love her!

image (Beautiful and talented)

Whitney Houston was another artist that at one time had such vocal ability and control.  All the while I am either dancing or crying and releasing hormones that further trigger my want and need for music.  If you’ve never listened to the late and sorely missed Teena Marie try listening to her ‘Portuguese Love’.

image  (I miss you Teena Marie!)

There are so many artists that “do it” for me—I spend a great deal of money not like a normal girl on shoes but my money goes on music and concerts!

I am not ashamed of my addiction.  Everyday I feed my need for music.  When I am flying and I am coming up on a break I am quickly deplaning passengers and getting my earphones ready.  I need that “fix”–sometimes it could be 1 artist for a full week, sometimes there could be a variety–I mix it up.  I love most genre’s too.  Could be Yo-Yo Ma, Aerosmith, George Benson, Natalie Cole—to Jay Z—to Tupac’s Greatest Hits just depends on my mood and how I am feeling (emotionally).  I am also a huge Janet Jackson enthusiast.

image ( Daddy’s Girl, for sure!)

So, if you find yourself with some of the same behaviors chances are you’re hooked!  Be sure to donate to musical causes and support artists by buying authentically and most of all…..go see them live…..the best experience ever.  Talk about get ‘high’?  If their a good performer, you’ll leave the show transformed.  Be sure to visit






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Bisous (Kisses)……”Doll”

Time to Chime!

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Is marriage making a come back?


I did it.  Maybe you did it too.  It seems tying the knot is coming back in vogue.  Marriage, unlike living together or claiming the title of girlfriend or boyfriend takes a little more elbow grease than the ‘fairytale’ people once ascribed to.  In recent years there had been a steady decline in couples marrying.  I am not certain if this was a result of the Great Recession we faced after Lehman Bros. collapsed in 2008 or just in general.  There seemed to be this shift at one point when no one wanted marriage and everyone seemed fine maintaining their independence and keeping their annual salary.  Selfish?  I would not say it was due to selfishness but more that people began to understand the seriousness of being married.  After all, these are not the days of your grandparent’s when marriage had been expected.  Women are working smarter than harder and men have technology.  The Internet really hurt relationships because people stopped socializing to some degree in order to meet the ‘right one’.  Everyone hid in the their homes and relied on the Internet.  Like a mad scientist rubbing his or hands together, they put in formulas hoping to find that special person.


Fast forward……people are recognizing that the Internet has instability.  People can be deceptive and not forthcoming and finally we have learned to use the Internet for research and information gathering—finally!  It is my hope that you all find love.  Finding love may or may not lead you down the aisle, but if it does—give it 100 percent!  It can be one of hardest things you will undertake in life but when you past the 5, 6, 7 year mark….you can coast.

Unfortunately, my marriage did not last but I like to see people in love give it (marriage) a chance.  In the celebrity world the most recent to tie the knot was Lebron James of the Miami Heat.   Lebron married longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson  Congrats to them!!  I won’t do it again, but for those that do, this Doll is cheering you on!

Is Love Enough?

imageLove and money have no reason being in the same sentence–understood, but allow me…  Lamar Odom is estimated to be worth a cool $56 million and reports have Khloe Kardashian Odom at $11 million as of 2012.  Odom’s wealth comes from being a star athlete for the LA Lakers.  If you have never heard the last name Kardashian perhaps you’ve just erected from a cave.  Khloe’s wealth comes from a variety of business ventures with sister’s Kim and Kourtney as well as several hit reality TV shows spawned from the E! network.

With addiction in the mix—I am saddened as I have been rooting for their marriage and Khloe becoming a mommy.  Reports have suggested that Lamar checked into a rehabilitation center for ((drum roll please))–1 day!  I don’t know Lamar or Khloe but I want to “intervene”!  Of course, the gossip “rags” are all over this story–they love the juice more than the meat.  Addiction is a serious issue in this country.  I don’t attribute his addiction to Khloe not being able to get pregnant or for being on reality television as magazines would lead the reader to believe.  Lamar is sick, addiction is a disease.  The tabloids did not expose Cory Monteith’s problem and look what happened to the handsome Glee star, he overdosed.

What I am wishing for the most is Lamar’s recovery.  His ability to be free of addiction.  Should Khloe decide to work on her marriage—God bless her.  I wish the tabloids would not judge her, but in true “rag” fashion we all know they will.  One thing I will say about Khloe is that she has proven to be quite resilient.  Always a “trooper”–I respect her.  The bottom line remains that Lamar will need to face his own demons before he can begin to recover his marriage.  His cheating?  Were you there?

Dolls and Guys are sending out prayers of love and recovery to the Odom’s.